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Frequently Asked Questions

avenger gold coast fishing charters other general 3

Prices are $120 per person for week days and $130 per person for weekends.

There’s a lot more pricing information here: Trips and Prices

A half day (5 hour) fishing charter Monday to Friday is $1200 for up to 12 guests.

A half day fishing charter on Saturday, Sunday or a Public Holidays is $1300 for up to 12 guests.

Full day 10 hour deep sea fishing charter price is $1900 weekdays and $2100 Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays. Full day private charters are for 8 people maximum.

There’s a lot more pricing information here: Trips and Prices

All the help and advice you want from the skipper and deckhand (just ask!), iced water, soft drinks, sunscreen, bait, tackle and quality Penn and Shimano rods and reels. You can keep, release or share legal fish you catch. We bleed gut, ice and bag the fish you catch for your convenience.

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Either cash, credit card or gift certificates to pay. A 1.9% surcharge applies to credit or debit card payments.

Your mobile phone (with the phone number you provided us) turned ON and volume up while travelling to the boat. 

A camera, raincoat, any type of footwear, sunsmart clothes (i.e. hat, sunscreen etc is also recommended depending on your needs. 

Any food or drinks you would like. 

A cooler bag / esky to leave in your car to bring home any fish you catch.

In regards to motion sickness, if you are worried and are purchasing tablets, extensive experience and guest feedback has shown us that the best (sometimes the only medications that work at all) Australian motion sickness prevention is Kwell & Travacalm Original tablets. It is important that you follow the manufacturers instructions (i.e. take 30 minutes before boarding the boat).


Half Day trips: up to 11 kilometers, mostly 1 to 5 kilometers, it depends on the weather, target species and what’s on the bite. 

Full Day trips: up to 40 kilometers, depending on the fishing season.

Targets are dependent on the time of year but include Mackerel, Cobia, Tuna, Snapper, Wahoo, Mahi Mahi, Marlin, Yellow Tail Kingfish, Amberjack, Pearl Perch, Tusk Fish, Teraglin, Mulloway and Tailor.

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The Spit Pontoon, Muriel Henchman Drive, Main Beach, Gold Coast, QLD, 4217. This is the first left just past Sea World RESORT. Parking is available. Normal drive time from Surfers Paradise is 10 minutes. Please be aware that holiday or special event traffic can extend this drive to 20 minutes or more. Your boarding time will be your trip start time of either 6:00am, 11:15am or 4:15pm.

We have fishing room for everyone to fish at the same time. Fishing techniques include all of the following usually: multi level pilchard and strip bait fishing, live baiting/any fish caught that is of legal size, lure spinning/retrieving and lure trolling – whatever is working the best on the day. We happily assist as required, don’t worry if you are unsure about anything, we can teach or do for you altogether if you’d prefer.

We fish over rocky reefs and their edges in depths of 20m-50m on half day trips and 20m-100m on full day trips. Fishing locations largely depend on the season, Summer can be in closer for big Mackerels for instance, Winter further out for the colored reef fish like Snapper and Tusk Fish.

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Yes, we happily assist all anglers attain a good fishing technique in a fun environment.

Yes you can. Alcoholic drinks are fine to bring along also.

Yes you can keep, release or share legal fish you catch. If your captures are kept, they are bled, gutted, iced and bagged for your convenience.

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We send a final confirmation at or near 5pm the afternoon before your charter. Please continue to check your phone from the time you wake up to your trip start time in case of extra information or changes.

We check the weather often, we do not go out in unsafe weather. A lot of days are very very calm. We do go out in some moderate to rough weather on occassion. This is normal for charter fishing, we still fish well if the wind is up. We anchor when we have to and even in high wind it can be comfortable. A cancellation due to weather must be made by Avenger Fishing Charters (and not our guests), guests will be notified if this is the case. Weather forecasts are often harder to read than is believed and we have a few favorable wind directions for different times of year meaning that we can still complete your trip. Weather forecasts are not always accurate, depending on the source and the large area they are forecast for.

The weather is comfortable and mild during autumn, winter and spring, approximately 20 degrees centigrade during the day. Summer has typical tropical weather, often with cooling afternoon sea breezes. The temperature is approximately 30 degrees centigrade during the day. 

Dress in layers, a jumper and tracksuit pants over shorts and a shirt is great for early morning cool weather but you will want to take off the warm clothes if it warms from any point in the day.

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Due to a fast, stable vessel and departure location close to the Gold Coast seaway you’ll have plenty of fishing time. Our first proven hot spot is only a 15 minute drive for regular catches of Mackerel, Cobia, Tuna, Shark, Tailor, Teragalin and live baits to use there and further out during the trip.

We don’t fish in unsafe weather. It is best for you to book early in your Gold Coast stay or work days off so that you can rebook later in your stay in case of strong wind or and high seas. Rain doesn’t affect our fishing, there is usually less rain on the water/boat than on the land.

Every week we receive a many requests for bookings to be cancelled at short notice, ranging from sickness, emergency, family issue etc. We know things happen, they happen to us too. Please let us know if you need to cancel as early as you can. We often turn away a large amount of people leading up to your booking. If you cancel and we can’t refill the spots then we may have to charge you anyway. We don’t like to do this, we have to do this to survive as a business. We hope you understand. 

Our cancellation policy: in the event you cancel, we try to fill your booking, if unsuccessful we will debit your Visa or MasterCard and/or cancel your gift vouchers.

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